Aston Martin Valkyrie: an AMR pack dedicated to the track.

While the efficiency of the Valkyrie already promises to be extraordinary for a car homologated for the road, Aston Martin presents a pack AMR reserved for use on circuit, which will further increase its level of play.
The most exclusive supercars are rarely exploited fully by their owners. They often prefer to pamper and preserve them as rare and expensive collectibles. However, Ferrari had proved with the cars of his program XX that there was a clientele, ready to use on a circuit a supercar, despite its extreme rarity and its exorbitant value.

Aston Martin has therefore decided to follow this example for its Valkyrie, which can humiliate anything that rolls on the road, but also on the circuit, if its owner opts for the AMR Track Performance Pack. According to the brand, this pack should allow the Valkyrie to be 8% faster on the track than the standard model, thanks to many specific parts.

It includes new aerodynamic elements to increase support, lighter titanium brakes, matte black magnesium wheels, a specific suspension, and a second set of body panels.

Probably for the case where the beautiful would unfortunately come out of the track … Of course, if the customer who chose this pack wants to later return his Valkyrie road configuration, it is possible.

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