Hennessey reveal mad Ranger VelociRaptor with big power bump.

Hennessey uncover frantic Ranger VelociRaptor with huge power knock.

The Ford Ranger is rapidly developing from an Australasian sensation to a vehicle making waves in the US. As recently detailed, the new-to-the-US twofold taxi has so far surpassed deals desires, with around 300,000 individuals said to be in line to get their very own Ranger.

It’s solitary normal in this way that, as New Zealand and Australia, America’s secondary selling scene lock onto the Ranger. Also, the most recent organization to do as such is Hennessey Performance.

Hennessey obviously has increased equivalent bits of commendation and reputation in the US; the previous for its capacity crazed tasks like the 1000hp Exorcist Camaro, and the last for their notoriety for … blunder … scrappy marketing prudence.

Their most recent creation is this raised and darkened Ranger, called the VelociRaptor. What’s more, don’t accept this is basically a lift-unit with mud tires.

Hennessey reveal mad Ranger VelociRaptor with big power bump.
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According to Hennessey convention, the focal point of the VelociRaptor’s center changes are a suite of intensity increments for the American Ranger’s four-barrel 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost motor. Note this is a unit that Rangers don’t come fitted with in New Zealand.

Out of the case, the EcoBoost accompanies 200kW of intensity and 420Nm of torque — numbers that see it sit at the pointy end of America’s twofold taxi section. In any case, changes to the Hennessey VelociRaptor help those numbers to 261kW and 521Nm separately.

Quickening from a halt to 60mp/h (or 96km/h) is a lively 6.1 seconds. That is around four seconds speedier than the Ford Ranger Raptor.

These upgrades come by means of an all the more sympathetic catback exhaust, a substitution high-stream air-acceptance framework, and chances in the ECU tune.

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Complimenting the motor updates are changes to the Ranger’s suspension. The VelociRaptor accompanies a ‘Phase 1’ rough terrain suspension overhaul, which in particular highlights a ride tallness lift of four inches or around 100mm. The raised position increases extra rough terrain believability (in addition to a basin of visual strength) through a lot of BF Goodrich rough terrain tires and new Hennessey 17-inch wheels.

All up, the Ranger VelociRaptor will set American purchasers back US$64,950 — or roughly $96,000 in Kiwi cash. That is a reasonable piece more than the $84,990 Ranger Raptor, however purchasers get the special reward of irregularity. Only 500 VelociRaptors will be made for 2019, with that portion split between purchasers who request completely made vehicles and other people who request the Hennessey bundle as a US$19,995 unit.

A three-year, 58,000km guarantee comes standard as well — ideal for testing the progressions on the rises or through mountain tracks.

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