This Shelby American-tuned version of the fifth-gen Ford Mustang

This Shelby American-tuned rendition of the fifth-gen Ford Mustang made it over to the UK, and will before long be available to be purchased You’re probably not going to see a fifth-age Ford Mustang of any kind on UK streets. In contrast to the present adaptation of the Pony Car, it wasn’t at any point sold here formally, and was created in left-hand drive as it were.

To see something like this specific ‘Stant moving around British avenues, at that point, is an uncommon treat. What you’re taking a gander at is a Shelby Mustang GT-C.

This Shelby American-tuned version of the fifth-gen Ford Mustang

An extraordinary adaptation of the fifth-gen Shelby Mustang GT made for Californian sellers (henceforth the ‘C’), just 215 GT-Cs were made, all in Grabber Orange. The vehicles moved off the Flat Rock, Michigan mechanical production system like some other Mustang, however were sent for unique treatment at Shelby American in Las Vegas.

The specs shifted, however this model is by all accounts pleasantly kitted out. Under the hood – which is done with some flawless silver stripes – you’ll locate a 5.0-liter supercharged V8.

This Shelby American-tuned version of the fifth-gen Ford Mustang

It’s additionally fitted with a Ford FR3 Racing pack, which gives you new dampers, stiffer springs and beefier enemy of move bars. The vehicle ought to likewise have a swagger prop, albeit strangely, this is by all accounts missing on the sale page’s under-hood shot.

Inside, there’s a Hurst short-toss move unit for the five-speed manual gearbox, complete with a natty prompt ball gear handle. In the event that – by one way or another – you get exhausted of the V8 clamor, there’s a 1000-watt Shaker sound framework to play around with. The completing touch is a mark on the traveler side sun visor from the late Carroll Shelby himself.

This Shelby American-tuned version of the fifth-gen Ford Mustang

The GT-C has just a single previous proprietor – Manchester City footballer Vincent Kompany. He hasn’t utilized it such much, with 2978 miles appearing on the clock as of now. It’s expected to go under the sledge at Classic Car Auction’s 7 December deal in Warwickshire.

The gauge is £25,000 – £30,000, for which you could rather get a low-ish mileage pre-facelift 6th era Mustang GT, a vehicle that will – for the UK in any event – have a guiding wheel on the right side.

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